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11 Boss Lady Product Ideas To Freshen Up Your Boutique & Mind

(Boss Lady Gift Ideas)

This is a little black list of the best Boss Lady products that you can get for yourself or if you are looking for gift ideas, look no more! This list includes some necessities for the office space/ boutique or your WFH office as well as some uplifting the mind and spirit additions. Let’s dive in!

Best Boss Lady Gifts

1. Boss Lady Journal / Goal Setting Planner

Schedule your dream and work on it until it comes to life. This motivational typography cover will remind you why you started and where you are going, so get working on your goals today!

If it’s not in your planner, it’s not happening, right? Well, no matter what the week, month, or year throws at you, you can handle it with this planner reminding you that you are working on your GOALS!

If you talk about it, it’s a dream, if you envision it, it’s possible, but if you schedule it, it’s real.

Tony Robbins
Working on my GOALS motivational planner

2. Affirmation Candle

Entrepreneurship as satisfying and fulfilling can sometimes be very tough. Affirmations are a great way to fill your space with positive and upbringing reminders. The more you see them, the better! Everyday objects are the best reminders. For example, uplifting or calming fragranced candles with affirmations or prints for your walls.

I Can Daily Affirmation Candle, 9 oz

Boss Lady Decor & Accessories

3. Inspirational Prints

I can and I do Print

4. High Standards Beanie

Every Boss Lady loves expressing herself in smart and unique ways. What better way to do it during the cold times than a statement headpiece.

This embroidered beanie is great for lounging in or going up in the mountains. The classic look has an added pinch of uniqueness because of the ribbed fabric and that makes it the perfect streetwear accessory.

The stylish ribbed beanie is made of 100% organic cotton certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). It’s a lightweight breathable fabric made out of double-layer knit and won’t smash your hairstyle.

High Standards Embroidered Beanie made out of 100% Organic Cotton

Boss Lady Templates

5. Boutique Social Media Templates

Every business needs its social media presence to be on point. Boss ladies know better than anyone that consistency leads to more sales. This is why you need to settle on a year-long look for your social media. Whether that is minimalistic as in the following example or bold it comes down to your brand identity.

These are the Sustainable Luxury Fashion Instagram Reels Covers premade for you to plug in with ease and be sure your Instagram feed will keep looking just as good. You don’t have to compromise any longer or keep your reels out of your feed.

Instagram Reels Covers Canva Template

6. Social Media Motivational Quotes

Even though you have nailed your brand look on Instagram you know that inspiration is key on social media. So any inspirational quotes are well welcomed, just adjust the look for your brand and get ready for some love coming your way from followers and clients.

Lady Boss Motivational Quotes Templates

Boss Lady Office Ideas

Speaking of inspirational quotes, your office is your sacred place for work and needs to be inspiring. A beautiful print with a quote from a strong figure that reminds you of success is just what you need.

7. Inspirational Print

Place this printable in your home office or on the walls of your fashion boutique and let it empower you (or your clients) every time you pass by it.

One must always be different Coco Chanel Quote Print

8. Color Statement Piece

It’s always a great way to break a boring atmosphere by placing a statement piece whether you choose a bold graphic design poster or a colorful photograph it is sure to grab people’s attention.

You Had The Power All Along Print, Fashion Photography Wall Decor

9. Cozy Aroma For Your Space

Have a Cherry Morning with the luxurious blend of fruity scents. The ‘Morning Cherry’ is a mouth-watering blend of ripe berries and creamy vanilla. Balanced aromas of sweet, dark berries with velvety vanilla. A top note of black cherry gives way to a heart of raspberry, strawberry, and plum, while base notes of vanilla, sugar, and musk keep this fragrance grounded.

Raspberry Strawberry Cherry Amber Jar Candle, 9 oz

Always Tell A Story

10. Summer Nights Collection

Summer Nights collection

Mix and match products from the MKFashionStyle Etsy shop for a full sensory experience for your boutique and tickle all the senses!

11. Take A Coffee Break Collection

This is the energizing collection that’s better than coffee!

Instagram Style Quotes
Watch Me Motivational Home Decor
Rich Espresso Aroma Vegan Candle

This vegan candle with a coffee fragrance is the perfect gift for book lovers and the last of the Boss Lady Gift list suggestion. Hopefully, you picked something or the items sparked ideas for you.

If you happen to get any items from the MKFashionStyle Etsy or Zazzle shop tag me and I’ll repost you. I love seeing my products being used.

Happy Boss Lady shopping!

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