What Is A Social Media Campaign?

Social media campaign definition A social media campaign is a pre-planned, coordinated marketing effort to increase awareness of a product, service, or event using one or more social media platforms. A social media campaign typically involves creating and sharing engaging content, such as videos, images, and blog posts, on social media to attract and retain …


‘And Just Like That’ Airbnb and Sarah Jessica Parker Collaboration Lets You Stay at Carrie Bradshaw’s Dreamy Apartment

Would you like to stay at Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment? Yes, please! Airbnb can make your dreams come true. This is another brilliant PR move just before the release of And Just Like That…, the new chapter of Sex and The City. This could easily go into one of the top experiences and great collaborations you’ll …


Norway Influencer Guidelines On Retouched Instagram Photos And Why Your Brand Should Happily Embrace Them

Concept of influencers (in advertising – someone you can recognize yourself in and trust their opinion and expertise. Ultimately, influencers are today’s word-of-mouth brand ambassadors that have used a brand’s product or services and are genuinely sharing their experience – happy or not.


What Is A Fashion Campaign? PR And Advertising Campaigns Overview

Case Studies of PR and Advertising Campaigns Included Did you see Gucci’s ‘Winter in the park’ Campaign? That is a question you might have heard around in the industry. Have you ever wondered what is it exactly people refer to when they speak of a new fashion campaign of a brand? A fashion campaign is …


Interpersonal Connections at Fendi Haute Couture Spring Summer 2021

When Orlando Dies, Family Thrives The First Fendi Couture show with fashion designer Kim Jones was on January 27, 2021. The idea behind it was an intriguing blend between Virginia Woolf’s Orlando and Bernini’s timeless marble gracing Rome’s streets to this day. These inspirations gave more than enough stories to tell and explore by revealing …