BYD (Build Your Dress)

BYD sign in the shop with Paola Salzano

The Unique Connection Boutique

On a beautiful May Saturday afternoon, the rain has just settled down and the sunrays ware making their way between the clouds when I headed to via Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli 25a for the opening of the new BYD (Build Your Dress) boutique.

By the time my friends and me reached the spot, all the models, from the little ones to their moms, were getting ready for the show and the guests were arriving and settling at the chairs lined along the narrow aisle forming the catwalk.

The boutique was born from Paola Salzano’s desire to readapt existing clothes, from the wardrobe of the mother and father, and create new ones for children. To this initial idea, she added a collection of garments for children from 0 to 12 years accompanied by the capsule collection for mothers.

The interior of the boutique send me back to my childhood. Everything is made to be interesting for the kids as much as for the moms. Entering the shop is like opening a door to little oasis of style and serenity. The walls are decorated with cardboard cut in the shapes of rainy clouds on one side, smiling sun on the other, an umbrella and some stars.

  • BYD raining clouds on the wall of the boutique

The hangers are also made of recycled cardboard with a cut-out in the middle in the shape of show flakes, hearts, BYD and others looking at you with smiley faces. There are light bulbs hanging from the sealing as if they descended so you have a better look at the clothes hanging under.

When we were all seated and the musicians were set next to the beginning of the catwalk, we waited eagerly to see the preview of the collection. While Giulia Rossi was presenting the idea behind the show, the first little princess who was supposed to start the show was already walking around comfortably until the music started and she got a bit shy, but it was all forgotten when they finally walked out with her mom and sister.

  • BYD musicians
  • Laura Mancini_ Candy Valentino
  • BYD mother with her daughters walking the catwalk
  • BYD mother with her daughters walking the catwalk

The catwalk was a beautiful representation of the unique connection that only exists between the mother and her children. The way only your mom can make you comfortable to walk along the catwalk of life and feel the joy and serenity of her support. This connection was transcended also through the clothes.

BYD_catwalk_mom with blue_stripes_shirt holding her son ( dressed in matching outfit) by the hand

There were light colour cotton t-shirts with embellished little collars for the little ones for comfortable day outfits. A-line dress for the moms for simple, elegant and effortless look. Next we saw some vertically striped linen pants for the kids and long-sleeve shirt in the same style with crisp white cotton lace shorts for the moms providing perfect comfort for leisure time.

BYD catwalk stop for explanations as to which materials were used
Giulia Rossi (on the right) explaining the materials of the outfits

After the more day-to-day looks in white cotton shirts and t-shirts for the boys and linen shorts and pants for united look of the family, we saw vertically white-blue stripped shirts or t-shirts for the moms or moms-to-be.

There were beautiful dresses with the top made with lurex, which adds a nice touch to the floral print skirt. The show ended with the more special or evening dresses in white and ash rose. The tops parts were made of delicate knit and the cotton base skirt with layers of tulle for elegant look.

  • Floral print dress with knitted top
  • BYD_catwalk_floral_dress_1
  • BYD_party_dress
  • BYD dresses from the back
  • Laura Mancini known as Candy Valentino at the left wearing beautiful white linen top

The collections are characterized by a crisp, elegant, modern and timeless style, capable of creating a strong identity. This style stands out for being effortless. The BYD clothes are made allowing you to face any weather with easy transformation in the outfits- adding or removing layers.

A light cotton dress made like a long shirt, for example, can be worn with wool or cotton leggings for autumn-winter, and with light socks, ballet flats or sneakers for spring and with sandals durring summer. The materials are high quality, Made in Italy and are provided by selected suppliers (including Filmar, Zegna Baruffa Lane Borgosesia, Pontoglio, Solbiati and Fordiani Riccardo & C.). The BYD boutique works with natural yarns such as wool, cotton, bamboo and linen, there are some more sparkling garments with lurex and tulle for the party dresses.

Paola Salzano walked last in her beautiful evening tulle dress with her daughter and ended the show by thanking us for sharing this dear to her moment and invited us for bio catering apperativo by Ecoeventiroma to celebrate the opening. The guests were happy to choose from the items from the collection already displayed around the shop and purchase the beautiful clothes on special prices as it was a special day.

The BYD clothes were previously distributed in prestigious stores in Italy and abroad such as La Rinascente Milan and Barney’s NY. Now, Paola decided to invest in BYD brand stores to fully exploit the entire philosophy that accompanies the brand.

I have always told stories, first shooting television reports, surveys and documentaries, interviewed by the Dalai Lama met in Dharamsala, the capital of Tibetans in exile, in Aung San Su Chi, in his house where he was imprisoned under house arrest in Rangun. For several years, I’m creating clothes for children not only cared for in every detail and comfortable to wear, but able to tell many stories, including, of course, mine.

Ethics, from various points of view, is the basis of my work. In this project of mine, I wanted to start from the small, in all senses, to give my contribution for a great, universal goal. Spread an ethical message of respect, care and beauty. Ethics and aesthetics, from my point of view, must travel together, as inseparable companions, indispensable to each other to achieve the result I have set for myself .

─ Paola Salzano

Paola Salzano was born in Rome and has always been a traveller by heart. In the many years as a director and video maker for Rai and Mediaset, she has visited Italy and the world, creating intense reportages that reveal her inquiring character, of someone who wouldn’t settle with scratching the surface, but want to dig deep until the truth comes out.

BYD hanger and tag made of cardboard, representing the main values- respecting the nature, saying no to plastic and respecting the workers
BYD hanger and tag made of cardboard, representing the main values- respecting the nature, saying no to plastic and respecting the workers

Her style of clear and punctual narrative can be seen today in her creations as a children’s clothing designer.  A role she took up on more than 10 years ago in Rome. The fabrics with which she creates her clothes and shops are new materials and spaces with which she tells her stories. The basis on which she builds and continues to build her project, day by day, are respect for the environment and workers.

Paola is spreading a beautiful and meaningful message with grace.

You no longer have to sacrifice style for comfort!


MK ❤

P.S. Currently you can find two BYD stores in Rome: Pinciano, in via Po 104 and Prati, via Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli 25a.

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