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Samantha Jones With The Ultimate Female Entrepreneur Style Guide

Kim Cattrall’s SATC fashion archive

As the new chapter of Sex and the City is approaching, I cannot help but think what would that look like, without the strong and spirited character of Samantha. As time passes, the four iconic characters from the series and movies live on and every SATC gal loves reliving the obstacles life throws at them, as well as the beautiful long-lasting friendships they sustain.

Years later, we are eager to see what has happened to our favorite characters. How have they been? How have they evolved? I cannot keep my disappointment hidden, as Samantha was the ultimate boss-lady with her own PR firm and breaking the status quo. I will definitely miss her presence in the story.


More importantly, it is quite disappointing thinking of all the costumes, we will miss on, associated with Samantha. Her more edgy and daring style is one and only. We would also occasionally see her in her more elevated bossy outfits while working as a PR representative in the entertainment spheres.

You know… Yes, still waiting!.

Entrepreneurship has certainly come to its glory moment in time and women are getting savvier and educated on the matter. There are 114% more women entrepreneurs than there were 20 years ago and the US has 12.3 million women-owned businesses.* Samantha could keep on being a great representative of women running their own businesses with her character, revealing some of the hardships of being a female business owner, of course, with style.

Samantha_Jones in the arab emirates

For now, all we have is reminiscing about Samantha’s fabulous fashion style archive.

Radiant yellow

Samantha Jones in black skirt with yellow jacket
Samantha in over-sized hat and purple dress
Samantha in yellow cut jacket
Samantha in yellow cut jacket with black dress
Samantha Jones in yellow dress and jacket shopping in LA
Samantha Jones black white dress with yellow belt

Blue waves

Samantha in cobalt blue boat neck
Samantha all in blue, wedding-ready
Samantha Jones playing pool.

Black mood

Samantha in black with lilac jacket
Samantha Jones in a jumpsuit, club outfit
Samantha at a restaurant
Samantha Jones black&white dress Chanel purse
Samantha Jones work-to-night outfit
Samantha Jones and Smith Jerrod New Year Outfit
Samantha Jones and Smith Jerrod celebrating New Year at home
Samantha Jones with pink wig
Samantha Jones wearing a pink wig, great reference to bringing awareness to breast cancer.

White is an attitude

Samantha in a white fur coat for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
Samantha Jones white jacket
Samantha in a one-piece white swimsuit.

Red love

Samantha Jones in the Style Spotlight on Sex and the City
Samantha in long red dress
'I love you, but I love me more.' 💔 ― Love Samantha Click To Tweet
Samantha red long gown wedding hair style

Fabulous in sequin and other


Hope you enjoy it and ‘Just Like That’ we are left with no one to fill this amazing and so relevant character void. I cannot help but wonder… Is it all a PR stunt?




*Data based on US population. Source:

P.S. More reasons why we need Samantha back: ‘Only 26% Of Nigerian PR Practitioners Are Women, Here Is Why’!

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