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7 Types of Social Media Campaigns to adopt for your fashion brand

I have gathered these 7 types of social media campaigns to illustrate the purposes behind them. I hope they could give you ideas for your next campaign and practices to adopt for your fashion brand. More often than not, when someone mentions a campaign in the fashion industry is about an advertising campaign.

It is very easy to spot ad campaigns on Instagram. Just open the app and if you think about it every other post is advertising. Might not be introduced as a paid one, but maybe instead is a collaboration with an influencer, or just a beautiful editorial, or a shout-out, or even the good old GIVEAWAY.

People usually have mixed feelings when it comes to advertising but I love seeing a smart ad and appreciate a well-thought-out one. In the spirit of learning from the brightest in this craft, I have made this selection. These examples illustrate the different shapes campaigns take on in social media.

A word of warning. Most of these or any campaign really would often fall under two broad categories: awareness or sales, and very often under both. With that said, my types of social media campaigns reflect upon the main or overriding approach used as a way of communicating the brand’s message.

1. Limited Availability or The Scarcity Trigger Campaigns

Limited availability is calling on a deep human level our fear of regret. We have developed a strong reflex to protect ourselves from it. What these days we’ve started calling FOMO in the social media sphere. Thus, anything limited edition or an opportunity available in a certain time frame only becomes that much luring.

As a bonus point, the product acquires that so desired luxury status as it is only in limited quantity. A great example is Prada’s Time Capsule limited edition products.

2. The Ultimate Validation PR Campaigns

Showing your followers that you were validated by a 3-rd party publication gives your brand status and credibility. A PR move as old as… well… Vogue!

Read more about the difference between advertising and PR campaign:

3. Time Period Allure Campaigns

Gucci is known to cater to people who are into different time periods and provide a modernized experience reminding them of that time. Once more Gucci did not disappoint by taking us back to nostalgic glamorous Hollywood while acknowledging a great artist of that era Vera Lynn.

4. Co-branding (Collaboration) Campaigns

Triple the creativity, explode your reach. For their new collection ‘Decibel’ the brand MARELLA collaborated with the product designer and artist Elena Salmistraro. She created the graphics in the collection and an installation for the physical shop. They also collaborated with Anfisa who has created a playlist exclusively for Marella and can be found on Spotify.

You can read more about co-branding in this article where I share my ‘Thoughts on Fast Fashion Couture and Co-Branding’.

5. Raising awareness and supporting local business (Launch, Collaboration)

Valentino collaboration with luxurious erotic jewelry designer/ writer Betony Vernon and bookstores in key locations. These locations are vital to their business, the collaboration brings awareness to the local business struggles, showcases a conversation-starting work, and brings a gamification element to Valentino’s clients.


6. Brand Storytelling Campaigns

Brand storytelling is a technique that spreads through your whole branding. Nonetheless, there are the definitive moments in which you intentionally want to get your ideal client’s attention, invite them within the story of your brand and hook them for life. In other words, this type of social media campaign is the one helping you to shape your brand personality and bring loyal clients.

7. Acknowledgement (Collaboration within the industry)

The brand Aeryne collaborated with an artist known in the fashion industry for ‘her distinct fashion photography illustrations’. Stating this in your advertisement is a great endorsement for the artist by putting her front and center of the campaign. This approach is nurturing connections, informing clients, and making them part of the experience.

I hope you found inspiration in these 7 types of social media campaigns and are eager to try variations of them that will work for your fashion brand.

Stay mindful!


Monika ❤

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