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Brand Marketing During Uncertain Times

Business hasn’t been ‘normal’ for months now. As a brand owner, as well as a human being, at such uncertain times, in the midst of a global pandemic, every one of us is shaken to the core. You may be wondering what to focus on when creating your marketing strategy? How should you approach brand marketing during uncertain times?

We all know that going forward will require changes. Maybe what we need as human beings will come to the front when thinking about business from now on. Maybe we will all learn how to prioritize the customer.

I believe that this period in quarantine has given us everything we need to know to recreate our businesses for the future. Future in which companies exist to serve their customers and employees! Future in which we are aware of the consequences of our actions and we make sure we act in synch with nature.

Marketing Strategy Street Sign
Image by Gerd Altmann

How To Approach Crisis Marketing?

Social Media Listening

Yes, social media listening is crucial. Now it is imperative that you engage with your audience as much as possible, share your struggles but above all- LISTEN. Listen to what they are saying. As everyone is stuck at home, people share their deepest desires straight or disguised as jokes. Nevertheless, it is the best time to learn about your customers and become their best friend with time.

What are they cooking or are they more of a takeaway boy or a gal? What is their favourite activity while in solitary? Are they all over Netflix or they are more of a book club audience? What sports do they do? Now is the best time to observe and create your ideal client persona while everyone is bored and posting on Stories. 😉

Tailored Message

What do you want to tell the world?

At the beginning of a campaign, you would think about your business objectives while coming up with your marketing strategy. Next, as you think about your customer… What is it that you want to tell them? What is it that your customer needs right now the most? Support, entertainment, education, information?

What is the thing that has brought your clients to you in the first place? How can you leverage this common interest now? Is it something that your audience is missing?

Maybe you offer luxurious nighttime gowns. How would your marketing strategy present a product that might seems obsolete right now?

If your audience is outgoing, loves dressing up, then it is obviously missing that while being stuck at home! How can you give them what they crave? Would you host a zoom dinner with a theme to engage your audience and take their thoughts away from reality? Would you organize a virtual concert for them to dress up and attend? Even if it’s from their own living room.

Possibilities are endless and you don’t need a huge budget. So remember why you started your business? What differentiates you from the competition? Or even what similarities do you have that can bring you together so you better serve your common customers?

Influencer Marketing

Who can help you deliver your message clearly and mindfully during the uncertain times?

As a small business owner, the last thing on your mind is paying for advertising as sales have slowed down. Luckily, it was never a better time for collaborations. Everyone else is just as stuck home as you are. This doesn’t mean that influencers are up for collaborations just because there’s nothing better to do.

Quite the opposite, they are just as concerned with their personal brand as you are. Thus, it will be best to approach someone who already loves your brand, as they will be more willing to help. Approaching crisis marketing with the help of influencers can work miracles as long as it is authentic.

This is a great time to jump into that list of followers on Instagram or maybe look at old comments to fish for supporters. If this seems too risky and you don’t have established brand ambassadors, an alternative would be to ask straight ahead for whoever can share your content and keep in mind those who answer, maybe put them in your Christmas list. 😉

You may think it would be enough to create great content and people will share it. No need to ask for it. Well, that is if they see it. This is why now it’s not a time to be shy. Be considerate but don’t be afraid to ask for shares and comments. The more activities the network detects around your brand, the more likely you are to gain wider visibility. Sharing is caring!

Another way to go for influencer marketing could be to contact an industry expert and collaborate on a piece of content that satisfies both parties and is, of course, beneficial to your audience. This could be a zoom call, life talk, interview in the form of article or video, story campaign and so much more.

Have you considered starting your IGTV series? Now is the time. Industry influencers can give you a different perspective or insight benefiting your brand, boosting your and the influencer’s exposure, as well as providing value to your customers.

Community building

What can you give?

You have settled on a message. You are over-communicating with your customer, hopefully with the help of influencers or brand ambassadors. Now that you have their attention, what is it that you can deliver? What can you give to your supporters?

Now is the time to be empathetic. What does your brand marketing offer to your customers? Get creative. Is it a percentage of the sales going to support the medicals in need of equipment now?

If not, maybe you can set up a donation campaign and provide to the local community needs right now. Instagram is about to make it easy for you with the soon promised to come worldwide gift card, food order, and fundraiser stickers in Stories and on your business profile.

Providing tailored to your customer entertainment can result in a lifelong relationship. Help in uncertain times comes in various forms. Supporting the mind is as valuable as supporting the body. Every step in the right direction will be remembered in the future.

Another progressive action will be to make it clear to your customers that you care about your workers. Let it be known that your supply chain is in good condition. That you are still providing for your artisans and that everything your customer buys provides for the whole chain of creation. People trust brands who care and this is a great time to show your brand is there for the community.

To sum up…

These are my tips for ways to market your brand in a time of uncertainty. Listen to your customers and learn as much as possible about them, deliver on what would be useful to them by picking the best possible way to share your message, don’t be afraid to ask but stay considerate and remember to give whenever you can.

This might be a hard time for you, your family, and your business but remember that it will be over and if you want to come out of the crisis stronger the best move now is to position your company as an active part of the community. These brand marketing strategies will help you get closer to your customers.

Stay safe and mindful. Find more on becoming a progressive company in my article How to Survive and Thrive After Recession.


MK ❤

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