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What Does Real Beauty Signify?


What is real beauty? Notice how when we talk about ‘real beauty’ no one is thinking of makeup, cosmetics, or any chemicals. Instead, the conversation would go into ‘natural’ qualities, which is another dangerously misleading definition. So what is it that we consider real beauty?

Dove marketing strategy

‘The Women’ 2008 movie can be your regular Netflix diversion and at the same time scratches multiple women’s beauty issues all polished in sexy ‘jungle red’ nail color. The filmmakers partnered with Dove and extended an invitation to the viewers to visit Dove’s campaign for real beauty.

You can see the actresses speak about real beauty in the short film The Women Behind The Women. There is a powerful emphasis on the massage when you just finished watching these women go through so much. Watching the plot develop to the end when they find their way to success through owning their individuality.

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Now, these women’s personalities are entangled with the actresses and the message has a deeper impact. Consequently, the talk about real beauty is leading us to talk about individuals with their goals, dream, and aspirations. All of which, in the hopes that taking care of your body and spirit is what brings it to your life.

Barbra Streisand and Jeff Bridges, ‘The Mirror Has Two Faces, 1996 / source: imdb

Individuality is a common factor in ‘The Women’ and ‘The Mirror Has Two Faces’. Both Meg Ryan and Barbra Streisand reach a point in which they realize they need to prioritize themselves. The self-care factor becomes the key to their attractiveness or what is seen as ‘real beauty’.


In both movies, we see the role of outside factors like makeup, fitness routine, or career change enhancing their transformation. There is a mindful self-reflection time which gives them a look into the real me, gives them purpose, and drives them to a goal.

Meg Ryan with Diane English on set for ‘The Women’ / source: imdb

Accomplishing their goal is what makes them attractive to others but while striving to get to their goal they find a way to a new lifestyle that helps them cultivate real beauty. What makes them women of possession of real beauty is their individuality. Their traits of character that we have seen from the beginning of the movies. Thus, it is not their accomplishments or self-development but staying true to themselves.

Barbra Streisand and Pierce Brosnan in ‘The Mirror Has Two Faces’, 1996 / source: imdb

Real Beauty Beats Campaign Video

‘Dove is known worldwide for promoting ‘real beauty’ in campaigns that highlight the importance of women’s self-esteem. With this motto, the Portuguese division of the brand challenged us to surprise them, just the way we like it.

Real Beauty Beats is a social experiment carried out for the first time in the brand’s history with men only. Participants were asked to describe the female beauty while their heart rate were monitored in real time. The goal: prove through technology and emotions that real beauty, literally, touches the heart.’

Final Thoughts

Looking at these movie characters, The Women Behind The Women and Dove’s Real Beauty Beats, we can conclude that real beauty is being more of yourself or it is the art of becoming yourself.

We can see advertisements taking this into account but I believe individuality could be emphasized even more. Leave me your thoughts in the comment section. I would love to hear them. Did you get an idea for your next campaign?

Let’s cultivate individuality!


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