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‘And Just Like That’ Airbnb and Sarah Jessica Parker Collaboration Lets You Stay at Carrie Bradshaw’s Dreamy Apartment

Would you like to stay at Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment? Yes, please! Airbnb can make your dreams come true. This is another brilliant PR move just before the release of And Just Like That…, the new chapter of Sex and The City. This could easily go into one of the top experiences and great collaborations you’ll ever see in the fashion industry.

You can say this is not really part of the fashion industry but let’s be honest… You know I love discussing influencer marketing and smart business collaborations. Well, this one is on steroids. ‘And just like that’ Airbnb went on a level of its own. Let’s break it down.

Sarah Jessica Parker Airbnb Credit: Tara Rice
Sarah Jessica Parker Airbnb Credit: Tara Rice

Main Players

Guess who’s hosting your Airbnb stay… Sarah Jessica Parker! She will be greeting the guests for two 1-night stays in the apartment on November 12 and 13th. The stay includes a virtual greeting from her upon arrival as well as a Cosmopolitan welcome drink!

The anticipated SATC continuation from HBO Max is coming soon and what better way to build some hype than bring in the nostalgia with a fresh spin.

Airbnb has always been concentrated on experience for the customers, bringing to the guests cooking, sports, art, and many more classes, while developing and expanding local impact on small businesses.

Now they tap into a new potential of opportunities, including movie sceneries into their portfolio of stays and experiences. For this purpose, they partner with Warner Bros. Consumer Products recreating the Sex and The City columnist’s apartment bringing in details like the circa-2000 cordless phone, Aidan’s leather chair, and Carrie’s Vogue’s collection.

  • Sex-and-the-City-Airbnb-01-Bedroom-Credit-Kate-Glicksberg
  • Sex and the City Airbnb Credit: Kate Glicksberg
  • Sex and the City Airbnb Credit: Kate Glicksberg

Supercharged exposure

No doubt the best people to endorse your product are the ones involved in its making. Sarah Jessica Parker is like the golden key opening this nicely mixed universe where the show meets reality.

SJP instagram post on Carrie's Airbnb
Check out here.
Patricia Field Instagram post on Carrie Bradshaw's Apartment
Patricia Field Instagram post on Carrie Bradshaw’s Apartment. See here.

Even with SJP’s reach, HBO and Airbnb need people to get involved so that it can be a successful collaboration. This is where influencers, suited to spread the message, come in. They are true fans with a big following, perfectly located and most importantly they are the bridge between the screen and reality.

They are showing people that this is real and accessible for everyone. A great example is a blogger, stylist Liv Schreiber.

Liv Schreiber Instagram post on Carrie Airbnb
Liv Schreiber Instagram post on Carrie Airbnb. See here.

Summary Check List

This is a list of a few things to look for in your campaigns as well.

Feeling of Nostalgia

Reviving the nostalgic feeling SATC gives you. The sharing, friendship, a dreamy lifestyle. This benefits all the brands that became synonymous with the series like the Manolo’s, Jimmy Choo’s, or a Fendi baguette. The closet has been styled by Samantha Brown. You can dive into the curated closet and drive down memory lane of Carrie Bradshaw’s outfits while playing dress-up.

Due to the nature of the partnership, they have substituted the range of shoes to the SJP ones, and that would fly just as well with fans, as Sarah and Carrie share one big love… shoes! Parker is known to naturally mirror her character from the SATC obsession for beautiful shoes in real life.

Creating An Unforgettable, Unique, Transcendent Experience

For this experience, Sarah Jessica Parker becomes the host of Carrie Bradshaw’s Airbnb. The guests can expect a virtual welcome from the actress-host. They get to stay at a picturesque stoop recreating Carrie’s iconic Upper East Side apartment.

Luxury Status

The behind-the-scenes feeling, making you a part of something you could only observe from outside. Now you are welcomed into Carrie’s apartment to sip some Cosmo’s, and maybe attempt to write the next column for Vogue.

Sense of Belonging

Belonging to a community is something deeply rooted in our nature. This is partially what luxury brands play with and this is an experience that will solidify the visitor’s association with the movie and win them instant acceptance and possibly some well-natured envy from fellow SATC lovers.

Visitors will get to go for a ‘brunch in Chelsea, a meal where many conversations took place that deepened Carrie’s friendships with the girls’ and, of course, some Cosmopolitans.

Last but not least, the guests will get to commemorate their whole experience with a ‘fashion-forward photoshoot’ with pieces from Carrie’s iconic closet.

Sex and the City Airbnb Closet. Credit: Kate Glicksberg
Sex and the City Airbnb Closet. Credit: Kate Glicksberg

Did I mention it’s quite affordable? You read it right. The stay at Sarah Jessica Parker’s Airbnb will be just $23 a night as it’s commemorating the 23-rd year of the release of the ‘Sex and The City’ show.

Airbnb Instagram post on Sarah Jessica Parker becoming a host
Airbnb Instagram post on Sarah Jessica Parker becoming a host. Check out here. Read the details on Airbnb’s blog here.

Food For Thought

How can you replicate any of these key components for a great collaboration into your brand campaign? With what experience can you delight your customers this coming season?

Sarah Jessica Parker hosts an Airbnb Credit: Tara Rice

I hope this overview helps you to create a memorable experience for your next campaign inspired by the Airbnb and Sarah Jessica Parker Collaboration!

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