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Branding Storytelling

Why Photography Storytelling Is Great For Your Business?

22 Dreamy Photos from Margarita Kareva, an Amazing Russian Photographer and Storyteller Margarita Kareva is a Russian photographer, living in Ekaterinburg and traveling for photoshoots all over the world. She is known for her fairytale photography. Always bringing different magical stories to life. She works with props during her photoshoots and also very often does …

Social Media Influencer
Influencer Marketing Marketing

How to do responsible Influencer Marketing or #NoMoreExcuses for Influencers and Brands

FTC finally presents Influencer-friendly disclosure guide To set the record straight, if there is anyone still in doubt of social media influence and in particular, with the influencer marketing, the following data should help: ‘In 2018, the global influencer marketing platform market was valued at 137 million U.S. dollars. It is expected to further grow …

Self-portrait reflecting from Wassily Kandinsky's 1925 composition Yellow Red Blue holding Vogue magazine

In Vogue

To finding your stylish self: What is in vogue today? Fashion seizes after any sight of new but deemed be anyone who doesn’t know the history. To understand the present, one ought to know the past! Nothing new can come have you not learned about the greatest titans of the past. Hmm… I wonder… Isn’t …


BYD (Build Your Dress)

The Unique Connection Boutique On a beautiful May Saturday afternoon, the rain has just settled down and the sunrays ware making their way between the clouds when I headed to via Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli 25a for the opening of the new BYD (Build Your Dress) boutique. By the time my friends and me reached the …